What is garment learning studio (GLS)?

We are a membership community for fashion entrepreneurs at any stage in their career to grow their skills and community connections with others in fashion, with the larger goal of making progress toward their business goals. Our core members are entrepreneurs (founders), fashion students enrolled in post-secondary education, and notable business owners/operators who make our ideas reality (vendors).


Our primary platform is online at https://garment-learning-studio.mn.co/. Members are encouraged to download the GLS App and may also access our community online on any device with an internet connection. Once inside, members will have access to scheduled and surprise livestreams, exclusive teach-ins, resources to move from idea to product, and are first to know when and where our in-person activities (like factory visits, trade shows, meetups, etc) will happen, and how to find us.

How much does membership cost?

Everyone has a chance to try out Garment Learning Studio on a free trial basis. Monthly memberships are available for $59/month. If you pay annually, your membership is reduced by about 17% and students are offered an additional discount (both monthly or annually).

Does Garment Learning Studio “GIVE BACK”?

Investing in our youth and our shared future is fundamental to the mission and values of Garment Learning Studio. A portion of each paid membership is dedicated to offering technical education to young adults to learn, work, and train as pre-apprentices in fashion via our non-profit Create MoLove. We are also happy to offer current fashion students a discounted membership and special perks.

What results can members expect?

Like most things, community members get out what they put in. As guides and hosts, we facilitate opportunities for learning and growth via multimedia content, livestream “Q & A’s” and opportunities to learn from experts across the fashion spectrum. We also offer structured tools like timesaving templates, quick guides and a variety of experiences to enrich your knowledge and abilities. The goal is to launch (or relaunch) your brand into a business you can be proud of, and when you’re successful, we’re successful.

I still Have questions or something to share, how do I get in touch?

If you still have questions or have something cool to share, our inbox is always open: garmentlearningstudio@gmail.com 🙂