THE FASHION BUSINESS IS A BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGE That you don’t have to take on alone.

Garment Learning Studio (GLS) is the home for emerging fashion entrepreneurs to: focus on your passion, and cultivate the daily skills and connections to sustainably produce, launch and sell your brand.


Garment Learning Studio centers around the central belief that community is a powerful force, and fashion (especially business) should be fun.


Our team is focused on creating responsive spaces, tools, and opportunities to help you step into your own as entrepreneurs in the industry. From day one, get clear on your story, positioning, and focal purpose for pursuing your goals.


Building a business in any genre is tough, whether it is your first or fifth time. Lean into accountability with regularly scheduled focused exercises to meaningfully progress. Bolster your comprehension, enhance your creativity, and earn momentum. Attend technical workshops and livestream Q&A’s with a range of experts and artisans.


Combat isolation. Find energy in affirmative and mutual connections. Our goal is to build a network so useful that even founders who have already found success can gain more tools and find value in connecting. Let’s go further together.


Maria “Mo” Groezinger

Without Mo, Garment Learning Studio would not exist. Maria is an accomplished creative executive channeling her passion for supporting entrepreneurs into a thriving community.


Daniella is a fashion encyclopedia with an affinity for developing rising talent. Her skills as a respected educator and thriving entrepreneur are invaluable to our members.

Ashley rainaldo

Ashley is Garment Learning Studio’s fashion forward designer with dynamic skills in marketing and social media, strategic consulting, and timeless style.

Noah Nash, edd

Noah is Garment Learning Studio’s “secret weapon” focused on leveraging technologies, organizational learning and maximizing value for our members.

Join “THE STudio”,

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Our membership community is a resource hub for fashion entrepreneurs, students, and vendors to meaningfully connect, share insights, and access time-saving tools as you work to build your brand and business.


GLS is primarily for early and mid-stage entrepreneurs establishing their footing in the fashion industry. If you’re brand new or already at work, we got you. Gain an affirmative and likeminded community of professionals who are passionate about fashion. Learn from each other and a number of experts in the field, from established entrepreneurs to vendors.

For fashion students

Are you studying fashion (ex: at FIDM, Otis, Cal State, etc)? Get a jump on the industry (and take advantage of our student discount) as a student member of our community. Showcase what you’re learning and working on, connect with full-time pros and add to your formal learning with a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, vendors, and other fashion professionals. Get workforce ready.


Vendors who facilitate the vision of fashion creatives are warmly invited to connect with us, highlight your specialty, and secure a listing in our vetted directory of fashion vendors.


Garment Learning Studio Is live.

Sign up today to begin your free trial, introduce yourself, and get a feel for what our community is all about. We can’t wait to welcome you, learn about your goals, and make meaningful progress together.

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